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3 options for CPD Seminars


On demand presentation

CPDThis CPD is available here any time that suits you by clicking on this link. It looks at the manufacturing process, design and aesthetic considerations as well as the sustainability arguments around the specification of clay roof tiles. 






On request presentations (either remote or in person)

Plain Clay Roof Tiles, Design and Aesthetic Considerations

This seminar is available as either a remote online CPD or delivered in person at your office.  Let us know a date and time that is suitable for your practice and we will provide an informative and interesting CPD about the specification of plain clay roof tiles.  We can also offer the option of coming to our factory, where we combine it with a comprehensive tour following the manufacturing process all the way through from clay preparation to packing and delivery.  

“My colleagues tell me that this was the most interesting and informative CPD presentation given since we started our regular monthly CPD programme in 2006!”   Sidell Gibson Crouch Butler Architects

How do I book it?  To book your seminar please either call or email Dave Sherry on 07809 523995 or david.sherry@dreadnought-tiles.co.uk

Event Presentations 

Our Heritage Days have proved very popular!   If you are a heritage professional and you are interested in the history of Staffordshire clay building products, call or email Ashleigh Coates on 01384 77405 or Ashleigh.coates@dreadnought-tiles.co.uk  or find out more here

HPD The Works office and stables



What is the CPD about?

The presentation will aim to explain the issues relating to the selection, design and fixing of clay roof tiles.  It is also an opportunity to explore the range of design possibilities with clay tiles, particularly contemporary and alternative designs in clay.

It will last 30 minutes and following the main body of the presentation there will be time for questions.  A significant portion of the presentation is a detailed look at samples from a range of manufacturers, to compare and contrast their appearance and manufacturing process, together with a look at a range of projects with photographs. 

The presentation should enable you have a better understanding of the issues relating to the specification of plain clay tiles and provide an opportunity to discuss any specific points in greater detail.

View the agenda 

Here is some feedback from architects who have participated

“It was of use to both experienced staff and trainees.  Presentation style was very good.”

“All found more informative than anticipated.”

“The presentation was comprehensive and very informative."

“The presentation was of interest and broadened our understanding of the Dreadnought product range.”

“The presentation was clear and concise.  We do quite a lot of new builds and renovations so very apt.”

“The presentation was comprehensive and interactive allowing for any questions to be answered.”

Case Studies

Dreadnought Tiles is a company with an impeccable pedigree and it was a pleasure to see them continuing to thrive and innovate. Black Country craftmanship and quality at its best.” Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands

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