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Case Study - Anjulita Court

Winner Best Clay Roof - NFRC Awards 2010

Anjulita 3149,000 Blue Brindle Dreadnought Smooth Plain Clay Tiles
Fittings : Arris hips, Gables, Eaves, ½ round ridges
Architect: Tooley Foster Partnership
Roofing Contracter: Total Roofing Services






Anjulita Court is a 60 bed Elderly and Dementia Care Home in Bedford.  It is situated in a key location on the way out of town, on the edge of a new housing development at the head of a tree-lined boulevard which leads on to the Country Park beyond.

CAnjulita 4hallenge

Architect Khosro Bashi at the Tooley Foster Partnership wanted to design the building as a landmark, but at the same time integrate the Care Home with the community.  It was also important to him to minimize the environmental impact of the building and use British made products with the right sustainability credentials.   The big arched entrance is a striking feature of the roof and it is designed to be seen as a gateway to the countryside as you head out of town and out towards the Country Park.  The sheer scale of the roof and length of the rafters created a considerable challenge for Total Roofing Services.


Khosro Bashi explained, “we looked at a number of different roofing materials.  We chose clay because we wanted honest materials with genuine colours.  We would not have used concrete tiles for this reason, so if budgets had not allowed for a clay roof, we would have chosen a steel roof over a concrete tile.  Dreadnought offered a wide range of colour options and their blue brindle provided an effective contrast to the light buff brickwork and wood cladding.”Anjulita 1


















Anjulita Court was awarded the prestigious NFRC 2010 Award for Excellence in Roofing  as well as the Pinders Healthcare Design Award 2010. The  roofscape is stunning and it includes a variety of details including curved valleys and flared verges. This kind of detailing is only possible with a small format tile.

Dreadnought Tiles is a company with an impeccable pedigree and it was a pleasure to see them continuing to thrive and innovate. Black Country craftmanship and quality at its best.” Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands

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