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Dreadnought's True Clay Colour


Mixed Colour Blend of Brown Heather and Brown Antique tilesDreadnought Tile colours are natural and permanent, produced through the delicate control of the kiln atmosphere with no applied surface stains or coloured sands.  The subtle, uncontrived colour variation within each tile makes all 3 of the Dreadnought Tile ranges lend themselves particularly well to blending.

Whereas mixing artificial colours can look regimented and clumsy, mixing Dreadnought colours produces a natural blend of compatible shades.  All our colours exhibit the varied properties of natural burnt clay colours and by mixing different Dreadnought colours together, you can create your own distinctive roof.


Dreadnought tiles mixed at the factory ready for despatch


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"The Dreadnought product is excellent with dimensional, colour and textural quality consistent throughout".       Gary Worsfold, Director of Architecture, Quantum Homes  see more testimonials >>>>>