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Blue brindle/dark heather

Blue brindle smoothfaced clay roof tilesDark heather sandfaced roof tiles

Blue Brindle and Dark Heather clay tiles are a predominantly blue colour, with subtle shade differences of lighter blue and purple hues.

Available in Smoothfaced/Sandfaced

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Case Studies

Traditional materials for modern newbuild

Blue Brindle Plain Clay Roof Tiles
Simon Kettle 1Simon Kettle 2

Simon Kettle is a Chartered Building Surveyor with a passion for building and sustainability.  His own home, built from locally sourced green oak uses passive solar and ventilation design to minimise energy use. It is set within a 6 acre plot in rural Cheshire and one of Simon’s key objectives was to create a sustainable building that would blend into its surroundings and look as though it was always meant to be there.  “It’s the little details that make all the difference, "he explains.  "I wanted to create a traditional look and so using traditional materials was absolutely key.   I chose Furness Brick’s Chapel blend which we laid in a Flemish bond to expose more of the variety of colours in the brick and tie it in with the natural blue shades of the blue brindle clay roof tile.  It’s a very subtle effect that you wouldn’t necessarily notice but it all adds to the final look of the house.” Full Details

Anjulita Court, Winner Best Clay Roof NFRC Awards 2010

Blue Brindle Plain Clay Roof Tiles

Blue Brindle tiles at Anjulita Court Care Home winner of 2010 Roofing AwardsBlue Brindle Dreadnought roof creates an impressive entrance at Anjulita Court care home

Anjulita Court is a 60 bed Elderly and Dementia Care Home in Bedford.  Architect Khosro Bashi at the Tooley Foster Partnership wanted to design the building as a landmark, but at the same time integrate the Care Home with the community.  It was also important to him to minimize the environmental impact of the building and use British made products with the right sustainability credentials. Khosro Bashi explained, “we looked at a number of different roofing materials.  We chose clay because we wanted honest materials with genuine colours."  Full Details

Jackfield, Ironbridge, World Heritage site

Blue Brindle Plain Clay Roof Tiles

Blue brindle tiles at Jackfield, a devepment within the World Heritage site of IronbridgeBlue brindle tiles at Jackfield, Ironbridge

This housing development is adjoining the Jackfield Tile Museum in the Severn Gorge Conservation area and World Heritage site, an area sometimes known as the “birthplace of industry”.   It is on a site that was a plain clay tile works dating back to the 16th Century and local planning dictated that the tiles used on this development should be in keeping with the shape and colour of those that had been made here.

The challenge was to find genuine Blue Brindle tiles rather than modern reproductions bearing the name Staffordshire Blue, but which are in fact artificially coloured.  Full Details

Tortworth Court Hotel

Blue Brindle Plain Clay Roof Tiles

Tortworth Court Hotel Blue Brindle and Ornamental Club tilesTortworth Court Hotel  with Blue Brindle clay roof tiles

The Tortworth Court Hotel project was a combination of Refurbishment and New Build work.   One of the major challenges was to find a tile that would sympathetically blend with the existing tiles on this listed Vistorian mansion.  The result was so successful that it is difficult to tell which buildings are actually new!  Full Details

Private House Poole

Blue Brindle Plain Clay Roof Tiles

An Award Winning Blue Brindle roof in Poole DorsetBlue Brindle roof tiles on an award winning self build house near Poole

This award winning project clearly demonstrates the versatility of Plain Tiles and their capacity for enabling roofing details to be included such as the staggered outline provided by bonnet hips, the gentle curve of change of pitch of a sprocket and the features and shadows formed by the introduction of dormer windows, differing roof levels and ornamental banding. Full details

Straw Bales House, Cockermouth

Dark Heather Plain Clay Roof Tiles

A strawbales house in the makingStawbales house 1

Engineer Brian Waite is a man on a mission ­ a mission to convert people to the merits of houses made from straw. It’s not as daft as it sounds given he’s utilised his own patented construction method to build a two-storey home that's virtually zero energy with a neglible carbon footprint.  Full Details 

Church Reroof Shropshire

Dark Heather Plain Clay Tiles

St Marys 02St Marys 01

St Mary’s Church in Acton Burnell is a 13th century church, listed as one of the best 1000 churches in England.  The renovation of its roof was part funded by English Heritage and involved sourcing new tiles for the nave and chancel to match the existing clay tiles on the vestry. Main contractors Phillips and Curry from Oswestry chose Dreadnought’s Dark Heather sandfaced tiles and their natural clay colour blends in well with the existing roof.

Tesco Supermarket, New Malden

Blue Brindle Plain Clay Roof Tiles

Tescos New Malden 1Tescos New Malden

Tescos extended this store which had a most unusual and  dramatic roofscape containing a series of steep dormer features along the perimeter and three tall spires, all tiled in Rosemary blue brindle tiles.  It was discovered that these Rosemary tiles were no longer manufactured.  Dreadnought's Blue Brindle Tiles proved to be a perfect match and they were also able to produce the bespoke spire hips and handed dormer hips to match the originals.  Full details

Technical Info

Dreadnought Tiles conform to BS EN 1304:2013 and should be fixed in accordance with BS 5534 "Slating and Tiling" part 1 & 2 and BS 8000 Part 6.
Frozen-Icon2 webFreeze Thaw Standards require plain clay tiles for use in the U.K. to withstand at least 150 freeze / thaw cycles under method E of European Standard EN 539-2:2013.   At Dreadnought Tiles we regard this as too low for our climate and we therefore test our tiles to withstand in excess of 400 cycles. 

Download Freeze Thaw Testing Report 

Download this info as a pdf 

Download Specification sheet as a word doc 

  Tiles Eaves Gable
Size 265x 165 mm 215x 165 mm 265 x 248 mm
Weight 1.19 kg 0.95 kg 1.8 kg
Pattern Traditional Single Camber    
Material Etruria Marl Etruria Marl Etruria Marl


  Pitched Roofs Vertical
Minimum Lap 65 mm 32 mm
Maximum Gauge 100 mm 115 mm
Minimum Gauge 88mm 88mm
Approx Weight at
Maximum Gauge
71 kg/m2 63 kg/m2
Nails 38 x 2.65 mm alloy 38 x 2.65 mm alloy
Battens 38 x 25 mm 38 x 25 mm
Minimum Pitch 35 degree  

Quantity Guide

Tiles @ 100mm Gauge 60m2
115mm Gauge 53m2
Eaves/Tops 6/lineal metre
Gable (Tile and Half) 5/lineal metre of verge
Hips and Valleys 10/lineal metre of main rafter
Ridges Supplied in 300 mm and 450 mm lengths

Relevant Fixing Standards

BS 5534 2014 Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling
BS 8000-6.2013 Workmanship on Building Sites
BS EN 1991-1-4:2005+A1:2010 UK National Annex to Eurocode 1 -Actions on Structures - Part 1-4: General actions - wind actions

Environmental Info

Place of Manufacture: Brierley Hill, UK
Environmental Management:       ISO 14001        Download Certificate 
Quality Management:                    ISO   9001       Download Certificate  
Life Cycle: BRE 'A+' rating
Freeze Thaw Testing to in excess of 400 cycles  Download Freeze Thaw Test Certificate >>
Energy: Fired in gas kilns to 1130 degrees
Raw materials: Etruria Marl Clay from our local quarry in Brierley Hill, sand
Lifespan: > 60 years. Second hand tiles that have been on roofs in excess of 100 years often sell for more than new tiles on the 2nd hand market
Recyclability: Can be crushed and used as aggregate and/or as an inert bulk fill
Packaging: We keep packaging to a minimum using wooden pallets. We do not shrink wrap or use plastic straps.

Find out more about Dreadnought Tiles approach to sustainability

Download our Quality and Environmental Policy

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We have one Revit model file (.rvt) that contains all the available Dreadnought Roof Tile Revit Family types in Revit 2016 format.  

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