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Conservation and heritage days at Dreadnought Tiles and Ketley Brick

Tuesday 9th April 2019 10am-1pm or 12am-3pm   ** Now full

wednesday 10th April 2019 10am-1pm or 12am-3pm  **AM full but PM slots still available

wednesday 15th may 2019 10am-1pm or 12am-3pm available

wednesday 19th June 2019 10am-1pm or 12am-3pm  ** AM full but PM sessions still available

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HPD The Works office and stables

Dreadnought and Ketley are opening their doors to Conservation and Heritage professionals to come and explore the history of authentic Staffordshire building products at our Works which have been operating on the same site since 1805. 

For restoration projects, the aim is often to replace like with like.  However clever marketing  departments can make this process difficult  seducing us with bricks and tiles that sound right for the job in name but aren't necessarily an authentic traditional product. Nowadays for example, brindle tiles do not always refer to Staffordshire tiles in natural multi colours derived from the kiln atmosphere but can mean a tile coloured by the modern method of spraying the surface with chemical additives.   Unlike most other clay tile manufacturers, Dreadnought have protected their  traditional firing techniques  and expertise which they have developed over 200 years and  at the same time invested in the very latest technology so that they meet the most stringent environmental and quality standards.

Harry Bradley with The alf legged un

We no longer use horses, but  come and see how individuals like Harry Bradley, pictured above with the "Alf legged un" (so called because of his white sock) played a part in our history.  

Our methods for making bespoke specials for both bricks and tiles are skills that have been passed down through the skilled craftsmen from generation to generation.  Come and see how we do it and even give it a go yourself!

Bespoke Finial production


Both Ketley Bricks and Dreadnought Tiles were used to refurbish Walthamstow Wetlands in London recently and the project has received a number of Awards including a prestigious Brick Award for Best Refurbishment.  The judges said the the project "dignifies and respects the industrial heritage of the site and transforms its extraordinary setting".  It is the authenticity of both Dreadnought and Ketley's products that made them the right choice for this project.


A range of Ketley products were used on this restoration project at Walthamstow Wetlands

Case Studies

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"The Dreadnought product is excellent with dimensional, colour and textural quality consistent throughout".       Gary Worsfold, Director of Architecture, Quantum Homes  see more testimonials >>>>>