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Enhance the value of your house with a beautiful clay tile roof


The choice of roof covering will affect both the character and value of your building.  Kerb appeal, the appearance of the property as you approach, significantly affects its value and desirability, get the roof right and it will be a statement of quality, get it wrong with a poor choice of materials and the roof, as one of the most dominant features ,will diminish its character.


The beauty of natural clay colours is unrivalled, clay tiles mellow and improve with age. Clay tiles with artificial colours and concrete tiles don't have the warmth of a naturally coloured tile and often have a repeat pattern which is striking on the roof.  To determine whether your sample is of a natural clay colour, turn it over.  If it is the same colour on the back as the front it is a naturally coloured tile and will ensure your roof has the real character of clay.


The small size of plain clay tiles provides the versatility for the architect to design roofscapes of infinite interest.  Large format roof tiles simply do not offer this flexibility.

The importance of a roof covering to the overall effect of a house cannot be overestimated and it is something that has to be right from the very start of a project as in all likelihood the roof will be on the building for its entire life.

Eyebrow dormer

Case Studies

Dreadnought Tiles is a company with an impeccable pedigree and it was a pleasure to see them continuing to thrive and innovate. Black Country craftmanship and quality at its best.” Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands

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