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Loft extension in UNESCO Heritage city of Bath

Loft extension in Bath with handmade Dreadnought arrowhead tiles

Clay Tiles - A mixed blend of Dreadnought handmade  arrowhead tiles  made up of 50% brown heather , 25% bronze and 25% dark heather
Architects: Silvan Architects
Structural engineer: Mann Williams
Contractor: SKD Lofts
Fire protection (for open plan ground floor): Plumis Automist design and installed by MCFP
Glazing: Smart Systems

Dreadnought handmade arrowhead tiles on a loft extension

Loft extension with Dreadnought handmade arrowhead tilesThis project is a dormer loft conversion to a mid-century terraced family home, located in the UNESCO Heritage City of Bath.  Local planning policy seeks to prevent harm to the Outstanding Universal Value of the City of Bath World Heritage Site and its setting and is a material consideration when making planning decisions.  Due to the visibility of the roofline over the city,  planning required a tile hung dormer for this loft conversion.

Silvan Architects worked together with the client to explore a range of alternative dormer cladding options which expressed their creative personalities, and moved away from the status quo.  

Their final choice was Dreadnought handmade clay arrowhead tiles in a colour blend of 50% brown heather, 25% bronze, 25% dark heather. This blend was chosen to match the existing brown roof tile of the roof while also introducing some variation.  The mixed blend adds interest and enhances the texture of the handmade tiles.


Jenny Carlin from Silvan Architects explains, "The ornamental tiles referenced vertical tile hung panels in the local area, and also satisfied planning as from a distance the tiles subtly blend into the roof scape. However up close the texture and colour is striking.


The result was a happy client and a happy planning officer as the proposed cladding sailed through approvals.  The high quality material applied in a subtle contemporary way is the perfect match for Bath, where good modern, innovative design is supported in the Local Plan."  



handmade ornamental arrowhead tiles in a mixed colour blend













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