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Case Study - making a bespoke finial


Ball finial the mouldsWhen a decorative ball finial 19cm in diameter was damaged  by a scaffolder, Our skilled  craftsmen were able to make a bespoke replicate and here is how they did it....

Firstly 2 moulds were created, and filled with clay.



Ball finial joining the halves


The half pieces were then removed from the moulds and  the base pieces were carefully joined together






Ball finial assembling the piecesThe bottom piece of the ball was then carefully joined to the base element and the top of the ball was then joined to make a sphere.

The complete ball finial is now ready for the kiln.  It is currently bigger than the original finial but it will shrink during the firing process.





bespoke ball finial

The fired ball finial is a perfect match to the original  one that is damaged.  It is 19cm in diameter, the same as the original and even an excellent colour match.

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