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Mixed handmade blue tiles

This self build project in Oxfordshire lies on the edge of a conservation area.  Selfbuilder Bernice Cuthbert had been looking for handmade clay roof tiles for some time but had been disappointed by the samples she had received which she felt were too stark and harsh to blend in with the old buildings in the surrounding area. She explains "I didn’t want the rooftiles to jump out at you, I wanted them to blend with the rest of the house and since the roof is fairly large for the size of the building, I knew I needed to find the right tiles."

Dark heather and staffs blue mix on a selfbuild in Aston Rowant

Finally Bernice found Dreadnought Tiles on the internet, and her local area manager arrived the following day with samples.  She could immediately see the difference between the natural mellow Dreadnought clay colours and the harsh, artificial colours of the handmade samples from other manufacturers she had already received  With the help and advice of Dave Sherry, her local area manager, she settled on a mixed blend of Staffordshire Blue and Dark Heather handmade tiles which picked up on the blue shades in the handmade bricks she had selected.  Her tilers did a great job of mixing the tiles, taking their time to get it absolutely right.

mixed staffs blue and dark heather handmade tiles at Aston Rowant

"I have been delighted with the tiles since day one and still get huge pleasure out of looking at them. This is all thanks to your timely visit with a sample and very good advice, as I had been trying to find tiles that I liked for a long time and had not been happy with any that I had seen."  Bernice Cuthbert.

Dark Heather and Staffs Blue handmade mix at Aston Rowant







Dreadnought Tiles is a company with an impeccable pedigree and it was a pleasure to see them continuing to thrive and innovate. Black Country craftmanship and quality at its best.” Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands

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