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Pipe fixing details on vertical tiling

There are a limited number of accessories that can be fixed through vertical tiling but the examples given in the following illustrations show the possible fixing methods. 

pipefixing through vertical tiling V1

Pipe fixing through vertical tiling

Drill hole through tile to suit tube diameter (for example 15mm copper tube). Insert spacer tube through tile and fix pipe clip back plate to tile batten with suitable screw.
Secure rainwater pipe clip to bracket.

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pipefixing through vertical tiling V2







Pipe fixing through Vertical tiling V2

The window position should be set to eliminate or minimise tile cutting.Tiling should finish with handed external angle tiles cut every alternate course to fit the frame.
The cut angle tile will require an additional fixing to maintain security.
The joint between the tiles and the window frame should be bedded in mastic.
The first counterbatten should be positioned approximately 20mm in from the end of the tiling battens to prevent the end nail fixing from splitting the tile batten.
(This detail works best where counterbattens are not used)

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