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Discontinued Clay Roof Tiles

Over the 20th Century many Clay Roof Tile manufacturers ceased trading for various reasons and the remaining manufacturers have in many cases been consolidated into larger groups. A few independent companies like Dreadnought Tiles have continued to thrive by focusing on quality products with a difference.  For Dreadnought, focusing on natural clay colours without the use of stains or additives has been the key to their continued success.

Below is a list of clay roof tiles brand names and companies that are have ceased trading and their products discontinued. 

Should you require a match to any discontinued tiles, for restoration or renovation projects, contact us to discuss your requirements and send us a sample to look at.

Albion                                         W T Wright & Co Ltd, Loughborough

Ashton Ossett                           Edwin Ashton, Ossett

BCM Metal                                 Hanford Tileries (Rowley

                                                     Bros) Ltd and The Metallic

                                                    Tile Co (Rowley Bros) Ltd Stoke

Battledown                                Webb Bros Ltd, Cheltenham

Bell                                              Basford Tileries, Stoke

Berkshire                                   H F Warner Ltd, Berks

Blizzard Check                          John Board & Co Ltd, Bridgnorth

Boroughbridge                         J W Green & Sons, Borough Bridge

Broseley Coalport                    William Exley & Sons, Broseley, Salop

Broseley Ladywood                 C R Jones & Sons Ltd, Jackfield, Salop

Century                                      J & R Howie Ltd, Kilmarnock

Coverwell                                   Sussex Tileries & Brickworks Ltd

Crown Brand                             Geo. Legge & Son, Madeley, Salop

Daniel Platt                                Daniel Platt Ltd

Durable Brand                          Bentley Tileries Ltd, Tunstall

Durex                                         Stanley Bros Ltd, Nuneaton

Excelsior                                    W & P Jones, Jackfield, Salop

Gaelic                                         Barton Tileries Ltd, Lincs

Grip                                            Geo. Woolliscroft & Son Ltd, Stoke

Horseshoe                                 J Caddick & Son, Stoke

Interlock                                    H J & C Major Ltd, Bridgewater

Iron                                            George Legge & Son Ltd, Broseley, Salop

Italian                                        Colthurst Symons & Co Ltd, Bridgewater

Keele                                         Keele Tileries Ltd, Crewe

Leighswood                             Aldridge Brick, Tile & Coal Co Ltd

Lichfield                                    Lichfield Brick & Tile Co Ltd

Lightmoor                                Coalbrookdale Co Ltd, Broseley, Salop

Lombardie                                Ames & Finnis, London

Loughborough                        G Tucker & Sons Ltd

Major’s (Patent)                       H J & C Major Ltd, Bridgewater

Pan                                            The Somerset Trading Co Ltd, Bridgewater

Paragon                                    Boulton & Co, Longport, Stoke

Perfecta                                    Thomas Peake, Stoke

Phoenix                                    Phoenix Tileries Ltd, Wolverhampton

Plaintiles                                  Somerset Trading, Bridgewater

Reading                                    S & E Collier Ltd, Berkshire

Reynardo                                  Colthurst Symons & Co Ltd, Bridgewater

Roma                                         Ames & Finnis, London

Rowley                                       J F & E Rowley Ltd, Stoke

Ruabon                                     Dennis Ruabon Tiles Ltd

Sovereign Broseley                 Prestage & Broseley Tileries

Swan                                          Langley London Ltd

Silverdale                                  Silverdale Tileries Stoke

Taylors Patent                          The Broomhall Tile & Brick Co, Bridgewater

Thakeham                                 Frank Knight, Storrington

Trentine                                     Frank & Sons , Lincs

Triton                                         Wheatly & Co, Ltd. Stoke

Vitros                                          North Staffordshire Brick & Tile Co Ltd

Ware                                           B Ware & Sons Ltd, Uckfield

Walley                                         T E Walley, Stoke

Waterib                                       Coalbrookdale Co Ltd, Broseley, Salop

Weatherlock                               John Board & Co Ltd, Bridgewater

X L                                                Itters Brick Co Ltd, Hednesford


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