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Dreadnought Machine made clay roof tiles

The Beauty of Natural Clay

tile range     

Traditional machine made plain clay tiles in beautiful natural permanent clay colours that will not fade over time in both sandfaced and smoothfaced finishes.   Use the left hand menu to explore the colour range.

True clay colours are derived from the mineral content within the clay and produce a richness of colour on the roof that is unrivalled. 

The Dreadnought range of natural burnt clay colours is produced entirely by the sophisticated control of the burning process with no surface stains, pigments or coloured sands added.  This ensures Dreadnought tiles do not fade and will quickly attain a mature, mellow appearance in use.  All other tile manufacturers now use applied colours to save cost.  Dreadnought is uncompromising in the conviction that natural colours produce a superior appearance and more enduring appeal.

This expertise is contained in a tile works that was established in 1805 and has been developed by four generations of the same family management throughout the last century. Dreadnought are the only specialist manufacturer of plain tiles in “natural” clay colours both Smoothfaced and Sandfaced.

Artificial stains and pigments have now widely replaced the traditional kiln firing expertise that has for centuries produced beautiful products. The difference between natural colours and artificial stains is all too obvious when confronted with samples and it is still clearer when on the roof.   

Case Studies

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"The Dreadnought product is excellent with dimensional, colour and textural quality consistent throughout".       Gary Worsfold, Director of Architecture, Quantum Homes  see more testimonials >>>>>