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Traditional Clay Roof Tiles
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Manufacturer of Traditional Clay Roof Tiles in true clay colours since 1805

Dreadnought Tiles are recognised for their unrivalled true clay colours. Colour is generated exclusively through the delicate control of the kiln atmosphere, without the use of surface pigments, stains or coloured sands. The colour of a Dreadnought Tile is unique, their natural colour has a warmth and subtlety that cannot be matched with artificial colours and will endure for the lifetime of the tile, as the colour is fired into the body rather than applied as a surface coating. 

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Our Story

Dating back to 1805, Dreadnought has been under the same family management since 1902 and as a result has a very consistent long-term philosophy.

British made for 200 years

A firm belief in the enhanced beauty of natural clay colour

Case Studies

"The Dreadnought product is excellent with dimensional, colour and textural quality consistent throughout"

Gary Worsfold, Director of Architecture, Quantum Homes

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